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Jennifer Cline

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Woodworker, Content Creator (former Paralegal)

Ravenna, Ohio

United States

Three words that describe you?

Creative, Driven, Resilient.

Who are your role models and mentors?

My mother was my greatest role model. A nurse and natural childbirth educator, she wrote letters advocating change in local hospital procedures which kept fathers out of the delivery room (1967). Because of her, I know the impact one person can make and have made it my mission to change the marketing of tools to include women. Sara Blakely is also a role model because I see a lot of my traits in her and gather confidence in myself from her story. A lot of people have laughed at me too, but I believe in myself and vision enough to keep going.

What is your favorite thing about your current job?

Creating flags for first responders and veterans is incredibly humbling and an honour. I also love re-purposing found objects and encourage others to reuse or re-imagine things that might otherwise end up in the landfill.

What originally got you interested in your current field of work?

Sadly, it was the death of my maintenance man husband 12 years ago. I was not mechanically inclined at all, but picked up his tools and taught myself because our home needed constant work. I oversaw the complete renovation of our 1818 farmhouse and earned a handy reputation among friends. Later, I worked with the grand jury among many police officers and one requested a thin blue line flag. That first flag has led to hundreds more.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Do something you feel passionate about. You can make money working for yourself, but you have to be very disciplined. Put yourself out there even if it's scary, that's where the biggest gains come from. Also, having a side hustle is a good idea in case you need to fall back on it.

When you started your current job, what most surprised you?

The options to make money are limitless. While I'm a woodworker, there are opportunities to work with other companies if you're open to being creative promoting their products on social media. You might want to earn income through affiliate marketing or ad revenue on platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

Have you had to deal with conflict or confrontation while at work? How did you handle it?

Yes. At my previous job, I was targeted and harassed by my female boss. The better I did and the more good things she heard I was doing, the more she disliked me. I filed a complaint with the EEO and won but knew I'd have to leave when nothing was done to correct her behavior. I learned that you cannot stay in a toxic work environment, you

must get out for your own well being.

Do you have any suggestions on how to encourage more women to try a career in the trades?

I plan to encourage the next generation through example. It is my hope that young girls will see my videos and want to pick up tools because I make my projects look fun and attainable.

Who has had the biggest impact on your career choice?

Inadvertently, my husband. While losing him was an absolute tragedy, it made me the woman I am today.

What does your family think of your career?

They are proud of me!

If you could do anything, besides what you're doing now, what would you do?

I loved my job working as a paralegal with the grand jury. I would go back to that job

under different leadership.

What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

A teacher.

What type of role do you want to take on after this one?

I hope to be the first female in the US to be sponsored by a major tool company.

What do you remember most about your first job?

My first job was in fourth grade as a paper girl. It taught me a strong work ethic! I recall riding my bike or walking in the winter to deliver papers and getting up at 6 am on Saturday and Sunday. Often, I'd need to be picked up early from sleepovers with friends to complete my route.

How old were you when you started working?


What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

At sixteen, I was a waitress at a truck stop. It was awful and stressful. I made $40 a shift so at the time I thought that was great. I used to get out of bed at night to "serve people coffee." It was the only period in my life that I was a sleepwalker. I purchased all of my back to school clothes my senior year, so for that I'm proud.

What are people always surprised to discover about you?

I typically look pretty feminine and polished, so they're surprised to learn about my other side. I took a picture of my footwear and it's one of my favorites. In the photo I'm wearing one work boot and one high heel.

Who is your favorite person in the world?

My children. Justine (24) and Cameron (16)

What is the craziest thing you hope to do one day? 

I want to be the first woman on the DeWalt catalogue!

Anything else you would like to add or comment on? 

Yes. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Use your critics as your fuel!


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